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Hi, I am ED - queer Artist :)

Welcome to my store page.
I have been addicted to the Japanese culture and manga scene for over 25 years now, and I love drawing illustrations and stories with my own characters for a living.

My current boys-love manga project is "Silence". If you're up for it, feel free to take a look.... In print, here in the store or online on tapas, Webtoon and my Patreon page.

I would be happy if you would support me in this journey, whether with comments, suggestions, criticism, a visit to my social sites, tapas, Webtoon or my Patreon page.

100% of the proceeds from this store will go towards realizing this dream of earning a living as a mangaka. This store will be constantly expanded and updated and should also serve those who can't visit me at conventions.

Many thanks to all who support me in any way!

Your ED

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Owner, Designer, Maker

My name is Andrea, I am 35 years young, born in Schwerin, currently live in Berlin and draw with passion!


Mr V

Assistant, Photographer, Marketing

I support Andrea where I can; if you find mistakes or inconsistencies or have suggestions, I'm your contact, don't hesitate! :)